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signs of postnatal depression

Signs Of Postnatal Depression

Do You Have The Signs & Symptoms Of Postnatal Depression?

Signs of postnatal depression can vary from person to person. It's also true to say that the signs of postnatal depression in men can be very different from the signs of postnatal depression in women. With this in mind we've set up this specialised satellite website to help you understand how the signs, symptoms and successful treatment of postnatal depression relates to your particular case. We offer high quality information and advice free and without obligation. If you choose to work with us we can help you via face to face consultancy at our established Clinic in Stoke on Trent, or if you're not resident in our region we can work with you via phone or online (via webcam) wherever you are in the UK.



Where To Start...

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The key to overcoming postnatal depression can be broken down into three elements:

First you need to be aware you have the signs of postnatal depression and that's no doubt why you're here. You can use our Postnatal Depression Test to assess whether you have postnatal depression and also the severity of your condition. You can also use the more traditional Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale if you'd like a second opinion.

The second element is to understand how postnatal depression works and affects you. There is plenty of high quality information on these pages and you can also call us if you'd like to discuss your particular case. We'd suggest a good place to start would be our What Is Postnatal Depression page.

If you are a man and suspect you may be suffering from postnatal depression or if you are a woman and are concerned about your babies father then you should read our page on Postnatal Depression In Men. The signs and symptoms of postnatal depression in men tend to be very different from those in women, meaning men often go unrecognised when suffering from postnatal depression.

The third element is being aware of what postnatal depression treatment is available and which would be best for you and your baby. The vast majority of postnatal depression cases are treated with only anti-depressant medication, which not only fails to address the underlying cause of the postnatal depression but can also pass harmful chemicals to your baby through breast milk and significantly increase the chance of you committing suicide. Medication is given out freely simply because it is convenient for your doctor - not because it's a good way to treat postnatal depression. Find out the truth about drugs and learn what method(s) will work best for you and your baby, rather than what's convenient for your GP on our Postnatal Depression Treatment page.



Getting The Specialised Postnatal Depression Help You Need...

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We work with ordinary people just like you. However, what separates our clients from those who continue to browse the internet searching for a silver bullet or magic pill is that our clients take action to help themselves by calling us. This important step is what sets apart the people that recover and get their lives back, from those who continue to suffer with postnatal depression.

Now is the time to take stock of your life, relationship and responsibilities. Your baby deserves you to be there for them to the best of your ability - but if you're suffering from postnatal depression you simply can't do that. It's not your fault you have postnatal depression and (as anyone can get it) it doesn't equate to you being weak, incompetent or a bad parent. However, if you choose to bury your head in the sand and do nothing to help yourself then that IS your fault and you are responsible for the consequences within your relationship and for your baby.

So, now you find yourself at a crossroads. Do you cop out, make excuses and bury your head in the sand hoping tomorrow will be different - or do you take action to help yourself, get your life back on track and be the best parent you can be?

If you're serious about recovery we are happy to help you. We'll give you all the help and support you need in a non-judgemental way. Our highly Specialised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is incredibly effective and works fast... so the sooner you contact us, the sooner you'll be feeling better and be back to your old self.

You can call us 11am to 9pm, seven days a week. We'll happily discuss your case with you, free of charge without pressure or obligation. If you choose for any reason you don't want to continue working with us, that's fine we'll part company on good terms and you'll owe us nothing.

Our number is 01782 855585.

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